Lose Weight Fast With This Potato Diet

Lose Weight Fast With This Potato Diet

Many people want to lose weight fast, and this diet is the right one for that! If include eating only potatoes and will help you to lose weight and fat around your belly in no time! Despite the potato, you can also consume low-fat yogurt.

You only have to follow the instruction and keep up for 3 days! That’s it! So, let’s start:

  • 1 day

Eat one boiled potato and one cup of yogurt for breakfast. It is important NOT to bake the potato instead of boiling it and NOT to use salt!!

Two boiled potatoes and one cup of yogurt for lunch and for dinner only two cups of yogurt.

  • 2 day

For breakfast drink only one cup of yogurt. Then for lunch, one cup and two potatoes, while for dinner one cup and one potato.

  • The last day

Only one potato for breakfast, one potato and one cup yogurt for lunch and for dinner, only a cup of yogurt.

Important: The potato has to be boiled because only in that way it includes the vitamins, mineral and fibers that assist in having faster and better digestion. 75gr of potato include just 75calories. The yogurt is beneficial because it is removing the extra water and toxins from the body thus regulating our digestive system. If you follow this diet correctly you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days.

If you do exercise it is good to use a Fitness Heart Rate Tracker in order to stay in the cardio zone and burn more fat.

People usually use CIRCUIT BURNOUT programs to speed up their metabolism and burn more calories.

source: www.healthylifetricks.com

Lose weight fast with this potato diet.

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