9 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer

The cervical cancer is the second most common type of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society every year there are 12.340 new cases of cervical cancer in America, and the bad news is, 4.000 of them die.

That is why you should regularly do check-ups and pap tests, and try to recognize the symptoms so that you can save your life. Read them below:

1.Lack of symptoms!

The scary thing about this cancer is that it may not have any symptoms at all at any stage. That is why it is important to regularly go to your gynecologist. Among the most common causes of this cancer are the HPV infection, as well as having sexual activity with several partners or with a partner that has several partners.

The risk is increased from smoking cigarettes and also being exposed to the smoke, however, having a weak immunity is also adding to the fuel.

2.Pain in the pelvis!

A lot of women are having cramps when their menstrual cycle will start, and this is normal. However, there can be some unusual cramps that can happen at an unusual time and all of a sudden. Pay attention to that!

3.Abnormal bleeding!

This bleeding is happening out of the menstrual cycle, it can be only light spotting or heavy bleeding. However, it means that something serious is happening and you should go to your doctor.

4.Pain while urinating!

This may also mean having a problem with the cervix, however, it is also a sign of cancer if it seems to you that it is originating in the bladder and if it is dull.


Having a discharge may indicate cervical cancer if it has an unusual texture, odor or color.

6.Abnormal menstrual cycles!

A lot of women have abnormal bleeding or spotting between the menstrual period and this can happen from some not serious disease, after sexual activity, after the pap test or after having too much stress. However, if it is happening regularly then that may mean possible cancer.


This condition happens when there is a decrease in the red blood cells in the blood plasma, and they are being replaced by the white cells from our immune system. The symptoms of this include fatigue, weight loss and losing your appetite.

8.Strange urinating!

Sudden changes in the urinary habit like for example increased the need for urinating as well as having a urine leak while you jump or sneeze let’s say, can be symptoms of cancer. Sometimes, the patient’s loss of the control over the bladder.

9.Pain in the back!

Feeling pain in the pelvis is another symptom. Although the pain is located in the back, it can also spread in the legs and result in swelling that is called “edema”.

Each of these symptoms is important, and you will notice the difference from the normal pain and this kind, it will happen constantly and it will be increasing more and more.

So, if you happen to notice any changes in your normal reproductive functioning don’t wait and visit your gynecologist. If it is detected on time you have a chance to treat it!

source: www.activebeat.com

Signs of cervical cancer you need to know

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