The Best Home Remedy for HPV Warts

The Human Papillomavirus is an issue that you should take seriously because it can lead to cervical cancer in women.

Below you can read about the most effective home remedy and some other suggestions for how to treat this virus on a natural basis:

The remedy:

This oil is fastening the process of healing. In order to prepare to the solution, you need to mix castor oil and baking soda, and then apply the mixture directly on the warts, except for the genital warts, and leave it like that for a couple of hours.

Another method with the usage of castor oil is applying little oil on the wart and then put a slice of garlic on that, leaving it during the night. The castor oil is beneficial for moisturizing the wart while the garlic for drying it out, so in the morning the wart should fall off.

Other home remedies

Apple cider vinegar

You can apply it on the wart in order to dry them and fight the infection. However, this method may make the skin around them dry and tight.

Aloe Vera juice

Another treating method is applying this juice on warts. The Aloe Vera is beneficial for softening and improving the health of the skin. However use it only externally, not orally.

Beta Carotene

This is the main nutrient included in the carrots and it is very helpful for fighting against the HPV.  You can try applying it to the skin directly, consume it orally through food that includes beta-carotene or maybe take some supplements of it.


Home remedy for hpv warts.

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