The Best Home Remedy for Acne

This condition is very common that affects people of any age. Usually, it results in spots and oily skin, which is even painful if we touch it. Most commonly, the acne are present on the face, back and chest.

If you notice their development then it is best to consult with your doctor in order to give you some therapy because there are 6 main types of spots – nodules, cysts, papules, blackheads, pustules and whiteheads.

If the hair follicles which represent the small holes in the skin, get blocked, then the acne started to appear. There are sebaceous glands found on the surface of our skin which are lubricating our hair and skin in order not to dry out. The oil that they are producing is called sebum.

The acne appears when the glands are producing too much sebum, which ten get mixed with the dead skin cells and a plug in the follicle is created. If this is close to the surface of the skin it bulges outwards and it is a whitehead, and if it is open to the skin it is a blackhead.

How to treat them naturally?

  • -The only thing you need to do is buy organic apple cider vinegar. It has to be unfiltered and to include the “mother” which is the brownish strand floating inside.
  • -Then you need to pour a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass container. You can use more if you want to make a larger amount of tonic.
  • -Dilute the vinegar using filtered water. The most common usage is a ration of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water, however, if your skin is sensitive you can add more water.
  • -Clean your face first, and then, using a cotton pad, apply the vinegar on the area affected. Wait until it is dried and then you can use your creams or lotions if you like.

You can do this 2 times during the day.


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