Everyday Mistakes That Destroy Your Kidneys

The kidneys are an essential part of our organism because they are purifying the toxins. However, many people don’t take care of them and due to their bad habits, the kidney gets hurt.

Try to change some of these habits for your own good:

1.Don’t consume too much sodium

The kidneys are harmed when they are trying to process all of the sodium. That is why you need to decrease the consummation of salt. According to researches, 90% of the Americans consume salt more than enough.


Don’t take a painkiller for every pain you feel, too much of them cause side effects and harm the kidney’s functioning.

3.Drink more water!

This is very important because the lack of water can be harmful. If we don’t drink enough water then the renal blood circulation will decrease provoking accumulation of the toxins in our body.

4.Go to the bathroom!

When you feel the need you should always go to the bathroom right away because the urine makes pressure to the back of the kidney and may provoke rental failure.

5.Too much caffeine!

Lower the consumption of sodas because they include caffeine which is increasing the blood pressure.

6.Too much protein!

Although the protein-rich foods are healthy, they should be moderate in consumption because they can increase the metabolic loads.

7.Too much alcohol!

Excessive alcohol intake can be harmful to the kidneys because it includes many toxins harmful for our kidneys.

8.Colds and flues

Pay attention to these matters as well because if you have a kidney condition this can be dangerous for your health.

source: www.naturalhealthyteam.com

Everyday mistakes that destroy your kidneys.

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