Early Signs of Autism Every Mother Should Know

Often, the most of the parents will notice if their child is delayed in language, however, they will some important things like gestures, joint attention and the social reciprocity, which are essential for development and if they are not present that may mean something serious.

That is why it is very important for the parent to pay attention to the social, emotional and communicational developing of their little ones and react on time.

When your baby is around 4 months old, the following sign should be present in his/her behavior:

  • Turning around when there is a sound
  • Reacting to movement, bright colors and objects as well
  • Smiling back at you if you smile
  • Watching the faces of other people

These all represent a foundation for having a healthy development. They are all a part of the social reciprocity which includes a proper flow of the play, communication and gestures of the baby.

What are the warning signs you should pay attention to?

There can be some signs that are warning you in the second year of your child, discovered in one research by Drs. Amy Wetherby and Julian Woods at Florida State University. Read them carefully:

  1. Lack of proper eye gazing
  2. Not showing gestures like waving, showing and pointing
  3. Not sharing interest or enjoyment with others
  4. Not responding to his/her own name
  5. Repetitive movement with objects or posturing with the body
  6. Not showing joyful and warm expressions
  7. Unusual prosody
  8. No babbling by 12 months or any kind of social skills

In addition, some of the children may also express sensory problems, like over or under-reaction to sound, taste, touch, etc.

If your baby is showing some of these signs then you should react immediately and take him/her to a specialist for an evaluation. They are, a developmental specialist, including a pediatrician, pediatric neurologist, psychologist or psychiatrist who has the expertise to diagnose and treat the disorder such as the autism.

However, the autism is very wide in the spectrum, it can be mild to severe so some kids may show only a few and some may have all of the sighs. However, the specialists are will diagnose it professionally.

source: www.medicinenet.com

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