How to Stop a Heart Attack in 1 Minute

Did you know that the Cayenne Pepper is powerful enough to stop a heart attack for only 1 minute? This chili pepper can be found in the markets and it is really beneficial so consider including it in your diet.

The doctors are recommending it because of his wonderful healing properties. According to Dr. Christopher, the reason he never lost a patient is the pepper itself. He values this ingredient in the prevention of heart attacks.

He has been a doctor for 35 years and his practice was giving cayenne pepper tea (one teaspoon in one cup of water) while they are still conscious and they were recovering from the attack for just one minute. However this is not proven by researches, this theory comes from personal experience.

The Scoville Units- SHU state that the pepper includes minimum 90.000 units such as African bird, habanero, Jamaican Hot Pepper, Thai Chi, which are species having equal SHU value.

Give the tea of cayenne pepper to a person that is still conscious, however, if he/she is not then just put several drops of that extract under their tongue.

The cayenne pepper is providing hemostatic effect and that is why the people are recovering that fast. It is helpful for prevention of the bleeding and for regulating the blood circulation.

Read below the recipe for this Dr. Schulz’s cayenne tincture

Things necessary:

  • few fresh cayenne peppers
  • Cayenne pepper powder
  • 1l glass bottle
  • 50% alcohol (for example vodka)
  • Gloves

How to prepare it:

First, you need to put the gloves on because the pepper can be really hot. Then add cayenne pepper in a quarter of the bottle and pour the alcohol until you cover the powder. Then, apart from this, mix the fresh pepper with alcohol in order to get a mixture like a sauce and then pour that in the glass bottle until is ¾ full.

Then add alcohol until is full and close it. It is necessary to shake the bottle several times during the day.

Keep it in a dark dry place for 2 weeks and then strain it. However, if you want strong tincture, keep it for 3 months. Store it in a place that is dark and dry, and it can never spoil.

If the patient is conscious while having a heart attack, the dosage is 5-10 drops, and after 5 minutes another 5-10 drops. If he/she is not conscious put only 1-3 drops of it under the tongue.


How to stop a heart attack in 1 minute

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