Lazy Girl Weight Loss Hacks

A lot of people spend hours at the gym and undergo strict diets in order to lose weight. However, our busy lifestyle and restricted budget may prevent us from going than often to exercise or from buying organic and healthy food.

Although exercising is among the best ways for losing weight and having good health, there are some other easy ways of losing weight, like making some changes in your daily routines. Keep reading below:

1.Smaller plates
We all want to fill our plate up, however, if we are using a smaller one, we can trick our mind to think that we eat more because the plate will look so full.

2. Take the stairs
Instead of using the elevator, always use the stairs, it is a nice way for strength training.

3.Avoid eating in front of the TV
According to the researches, you consume more calories when you watch TV because you do not think when you eat.

4. Drink “Skinny Cocktails”
Having a cocktail is so much fun however that means having too many calories. That is why you need to try calorie-cutting hacks for having a healthier cocktail.

5.More sleeping
According to researches, sleep deficiency may lead to gaining weight, slower metabolism and higher risk for diabetes and obesity.

6.Don’t cut sweet entirely
It is like an unwritten rule: we want what we cannot have! So in order to stop the cravings for sweet, you can allow yourself to eat snacks of sweets once during the week. Also, you can try to find some desserts with low-calories as an option.

7.Drink water before you eat
Sometimes we get confused if we are thirsty or hungry. So drink one glass of water before having your meal. In that way, you will feel more full and you won’t eat much.

8.Green Tea
Try to replace your coffee with green tea because it is beneficial for our health, lowering the belly fat, improving the metabolism and the digestion as well.

9.Avoid going out to dinner
Everyone loves to go out to dinner with friends, however, the portions in the restaurants are bigger than the ones that you will prepare at home.

10.Sit down and eat
According to the studies, it is bad for the digestion to stand and eat and it also leads to more calorie consumption. When you stand you eat more quickly and you won’t realize on time that you are full.

11.Avoid drinking high-calorie beverages
You may not notice, but there are a lot of calories in the drinks as well, like for example- the Starbucks latte-265 calories, soda – 227 calories and ice tea – 180 calories, so if you drink all that in one day it is too much. It is best to replace these drinks with water.

The walking is very beneficial for our health, especially cardiovascular health. It is also strengthening the muscles so, if you can, skip the bus and walk to work, or make some break and take a walk during lunchtime.

13.Get rid of the Sweatpants
All of us love to wear sweatpants especially when we feel bloated. However, it is best to get rid of them and wear jeans because they will show you up to where your weight is and if you need to start losing it.


Lazy girl weight loss hacks.

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