Natural Remedies for Female Infertility

Natural Remedies for Female Infertility

Infertility or sterility happens when one woman can’t conceive a child for a period of minimum one year. It also includes cases of not maintaining the pregnancy and not giving birth to a live child. Unfortunately, around 48 million women in the world are affected by this problem.

Nowadays techniques for having a child are in vitro fertilization (IVF) or surrogacy, but not everyone can afford this.

It is helpful to have a healthy diet and do exercises regularly, and also use some natural herbal treatments. Read below 10 natural remedies:


This is helpful for regulating the hormonal balance and functioning of our reproductive organs. Mix 1 tbsp. of powder in a glass of warm water and consume it 2 times in the day.


It is helpful for increasing the blood flow to the uterus and thickening the uterine lining.

-Mix powdered pomegranate seeds and bark in one jar in equal amounts. Mix ½  teaspoon in a glass of hot water and drink it 2 times in the day for several weeks.


It enables proper ovarian functioning and treats PCOS.

-Put 1 tsp in hot water and consume it once during the day for several months.


This remedy is improving the ovulation and fighting the PCOS.

-Prepare a tea from 1 tsp of fresh or dried chaste berry. Consume it 2 times during the day for several weeks or months.


They include vitamin E, A and B, iron and other minerals important for conceiving and carrying a child.

-Prepare a paste from 10-12 grinded dates and 2 tbsp. of chopped coriander root. Then add ¾ cup of cow milk and boil it. Leave it to cool and consume it once in the day for a period of one week from the day of your last period.

6.Maca Root

This herb is boosting the normal hormone production.

-Add ½ or ¼ tsp of powder in a cup of lukewarm water or milk and drink it once during the day.

Important: Do not consume it if you are pregnant.

7.Vitamin D

-You need to expose to 10 minutes of sunlight each day if possible.

-Consume food rich in vitamin D like salmon, cheese, egg yolks.

8.Banyan Tree Roots

-First, you need to dry the tender roots of the banyan tree on the sun and then grind them in powder.

-Use 1-2 tbsp. of it in a glass of milk and consume it once in the day on an empty stomach 3 nights in a row after your period is finished.

Important: You must not use it during your period.


The yoga helps in maintaining a healthy body weight and it lowers the stress level. The poses helpful for promoting fertility are: Bee Breath, Seated and Standing Forward Bend, Butterfly Pose, Legs-up-the-Wall Pose etc.

10.Balanced diet

  • Consume food rich in and carbohydrates.
  • Include more eggs and foods rich in iron.
  • The fruits and vegetables are essential. Avoid spicy foods, coffee, white sugar, white flour, fried foods.
  • Consume healthy fats.

Additional advices:

  • Being overweighed contributes to infertility.
  • Stop smoking, avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine.
  • Lower the stress.

To maintain your good health and prevent gaining unnecessary fat deposits, you have to take care of your nutrition. You can find more than 350 healthy recipes in this book Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.


Natural remedies for female infertility.

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