Stop The Migraine Instantly With Himalayan Salt

A lot of people are experiencing serious pain due to a migraine. This is really serious because a migraine can ruin your whole day, making you unable to get out of bed and do the daily obligations.

The doctors are usually recommending the drugs for relieving the headaches and migraine. However, what can you do when these drugs don’t work anymore? Try some salt!

Read below how you can use the salt in order to relieve a migraine instantly!

It is really important to know that you should use a high-quality salt, the best that you can get like, for example, the Himalayan salt.

It is considered to be the best of the salts because it includes a lot of minerals, i.e. 84 varieties of minerals, as well as electrolytes and elements.

The usage of this salt will help you to lower the pain from the headaches and migraine. It is also beneficial for boosting the immunity as well as for restoring alkalinity balance, and electrolyte balance of our body.

Try the salt water!

The things that you will need include:

  • half a lemon
  • 1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt

How to prepare it:

First, you need to squeeze the lemon juice in 50ml of water and then include the salt inside. Stir well and then you can drink it.

We are not sure that you are going to like the taste, however, it is really efficient.

Bonus tip:

Usually, the migraine starts to occur when the blood vessels in your head and neck dilate, and this is the reason for feeling the pain.

It is advisable to hold an ice pack on the neck, meanwhile holding your hands and/or feet in warm water. Make it as hot as possible; however, be careful not to burn yourself.

This is beneficial because the cold ice pack on the neck will make the blood vessels on your neck to constrict, while on the other hand, the opposite thing will happen to your hands and feet due to the hot water, taking the blood away from your neck and to your hands and feet.


Stop the migraine instantly.


  1. Good morning to you,
    am a male aged 28years and have been suffering with migraine headache for about 18 years have tried medicines still to no avail.
    please explain well to me what do you mean by Himalayan salt and salt water

    1. Author

      Hi Elias, you should mix half a lemon juice, 50ml of water (one small cup), and 1/2tsp of himalayan salt. Mix it well and drink it instantly. Usually, it gives a good effect.

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