Harmful Food Combinations That You Must Avoid

In our modern society the greed for eating junk food is at a high level, and although people are aware of the risks for our health that can arise from eating this kind of food, they are still enjoying it and not paying any attention.

However, despite knowing the risks, you should be able to avoid them because some combinations of food can be really dangerous for our health. That is why we made a list of 9 harmful combinations of food that you should avoid. Read them below:

Fruit during the meal, or afterward

The fruit gets absorbed really fast, it goes through the stomach and then in the intestines. So, if the fruit gets in combination with grains, dried products or meat, they can stay a longer time in the digestive tract and then start to ferment. This action can damage the intestine walls and also cause other problems.

Animal protein and starch

According to the expert Tara Aldar, taking both of them at the same time is negating the effects of each macronutrient which may result in having gas problems, flatulence and discomfort.

Limes and medicine for a cough

The limes are capable of inhibiting or blocking the enzymes which are breaking down cholesterol-lowering statins. The medication, such as dextromethorphan, may build up in the bloodstream, and if the statins are not broken down, you may experience some side effects, like for example insomnia or hallucinations.

Starchy carbs and tomatoes

The tomatoes are an acidic fruit while the starchy carbs are present in the sweet potatoes and rise. However, by combining them you may experience indigestion, GERD or other problems with the digestion.

Fruit and yogurt

If you combine the dairy products with fruits you may face with blocked sinuses, bigger chance for colds and allergies, so that is why you should use a natural Greek yogurt without additional fruits.

Milk and cereal

Although this is among the most popular breakfasts, both, the milk and the cereal include fast digesting carbs that are making stress to the body and provoking blood sugar spikes, that will make you feel tired thus craving more for junk food.

Pudding and wine

This combination should also be avoided because the alcohol is misbalancing the sugar level in the blood and increasing the production of insulin, so when you will taste your dessert, the sugar will be stored as fat which will lead to unhealthy gaining of weight.

Fries and burger

The most famous combination! However not a healthy one! The overcooked food contains fat, preservatives and other chemicals which may make a charcoal-type substance, which in combination with the sugar from the fries creates cytokines which may provoke inflammation and fastening of the process of aging.

Fruits juice and muffins

They are both rich in calories; however not in nutrients. So this may cause you to crash in your energy thus provoking cravings for more, and if you do not take more you will feel cranky and stressed. So if you want something sweet take some wholegrain variety.

There are many other things that can go on this list; however, you may start with these in order to make the grounds for being a healthier person.

Source: healthypanda.net

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