Too Clean House Could Be Dangerous for Your Children

Did you know that not exposed to bacteria at a young age may result in developing a weak immune system that may cause more serious problems further?

There is one hygiene hypothesis that says that having weak immunity may lead to autoimmune disease and that our immune system requires 99.9% of the household germs in order to get mature and learn to behave on its own.

According to this hypothesis, if a child is exposed to the many household germs it will make the child-resistant to allergies, including asthma as well. While if it is raised in a too clean environment it will make the immune system too weak, resulting in allergy response every time it gets in touch with an unfamiliar invader.

Another thing that can result from this is the possibility for the immunity to start attacking your own body, which may lead to rheumatoid arthritis, MS or diabetes.

People are obsessed with the cleanliness of their homes, however, according to the professor of genetic epidemiology, Tim Spector, this is wrong.

He doesn’t agree with the idea that it is necessary for the children to wash their hands before they eat. “Just think about how many cases you know of food poisoning at home…they are extremely low. All of us are over-cleaning. That should stop now because it is better to have a microbial diversity.” – says Spector.

What about when you are using the public toilet, should you then wash your hands? According to the microbiologists no, because you are better off with your own microbes.

So, this means that the time is changing and that something that was thought to be healthy is not anymore in this modern society. Our homes are germ-free so you should stop worrying too much and try to avoid the products that guarantee you killing all of the germs. Think of your children and what is best for them.


Too clean house could be dangerous for your children.

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