Touch The End Of Your Toes To See If You Have A Heart Problem

Although its name is proposing that, the heart failure does not imply that the heart will stop to work all of a sudden. Rather than that, the heart failure happens when the heart muscle will get weakened.

The muscle can be weakened from different reasons like damages to the heart, such as harm from having a heart attack, hypertension, or anomalies in a heart valve. All of these reasons are making harm that is then making the heart to work harder with the purpose to maintain normal blood flow in our body.

However, usually, the heart failure is not perceived until the point when it is in its later stages known as congestive heart failure.

It’s essential for individuals to be aware of the heart failure, to know how to recognize it and how to function with it, working with cardiologists to enhance their chances of living and having a better life.

So, if you have ever been interested about the state of your heart then there is one basic method that may be helpful.

Furthermore, it is vital to know whether the condition of your heart is good or not, in order to prevent a possible heart attack.

As indicated by the recent researches, if the individuals are able to touch their toes then their heart condition is healthy.

To do the technique you need to initially sit on the floor, with your legs extended and your toes pointing up. At that point do your best to stretch forward and touch your toes with your hands.

If you are able to do that and succeed in touching your toes, then that implies that your heart is healthy and flexible, as well.

The research was performed in USA (North Texas) and it included 526 members between the age of 20 to 83. In the time when they were attempting to touch their toes, they measured their blood pressure, while also observing the activity of the heart and the arteries as well. At the end, it was affirmed that the individuals who could not touch their toes were having a heart illness.

This study discovered a connection between the body and the elasticity of the arteries, particularly in individuals that were older than 40.

So, maybe it is time for you to try to do this strategy and discover if you are able to touch your toes when sitting straight, if you succeed then the condition of your heart is healthy, and if not, then we suggest going to the cardiologist to see if there is any problem.

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