Unusual Symptoms of a Silent Heart Attack

A lot of people seem to think of the heart attack as a chest pain, difficulty in breathing or dizziness, but it is definitely more complicated than that and should not be ignored!

You should be able to recognize the symptoms, especially the symptoms of a “silent heart attack”, as well as know the reason for it, which actually may save your life in the future.

One research, conducted at Harvard University in 2016 has shown that 45% of people that have suffered a heart attack haven’t felt any symptoms prior to it. This means that they experienced a silent heart attack, which is more common than you think.

It is actually similar to a lack of oxygen in the heart that leads to a blockage. It happens more often to women and causes additional heart problems in the future. In many cases, the heart survives. The symptoms that you may have survived it may include chronic fatigue, shortness of breath and pain in the neck or jaw.

Luckily, today doctors can determine whether you have had a silent heart attack, so it is important to regularly check your heart, especially if you’ve reached the age over 35.

There are also certain risk factors that you should pay attention to, such as existing heart problems in the family, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and lack of physical activity.

This means that you will need to change your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, including quitting cigarettes and losing the excess weight. The consumption of alcohol also increases the chances of a heart which means that you will also have to quit drinking.

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Symptoms of a silent heart attack.

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