Everyone Has This Plant But Nobody Knows That It Kills Cancer Cells Within 48 Hours

This all started with one oncologist that found out about the interesting plant dandelion when treating some cancer patients. So, after this, Pamela Ovadje, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Windsor made a lot of researches on this subject and the anti-cancer characteristics that the dandelion includes.

Ovadje reports that after having that case with the oncologists in Windsor, who had cancer patients that improved after consuming dandelion root tea, they decided to take a closer look at the dandelion in order to discover what the thing that made the patients feel better was.

At first, as all people do, they were suspicions about this, because if there was something, they would have known about it because the dandelion is so common.

However, now, that the researchers are making studies about the extracts from the dandelion roots and its impact on cancer, the results are really fascinating.

These studies are showing successful results, with the water extract from the dandelion root having positive effects against treating the cancer cells in the lab. It was efficient against human T-cell leukemia, chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, and pancreatic and colon cancers, with no bad effects on the non-cancer cells. Additionally, this was confirmed as well with studies on mice that were transplanted with colon cancer cells from humans.

So, the dandelion has a really good potential to be killing the cancer cells, reports Dr. Siyaram Pandey, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Windsor and principal research investigator for the project.

What does it do?

In order to better understand the process, we can say that the dandelion is causing the cancer cell to commit suicide, without making harm on the healthy cells. It makes the cells go through apoptosis, which represents a process when one cell causes intracellular death programme because that cell is not required anymore.

So, this process of apoptosis is far better than the chemotherapy where one healthy cell gets killed for every 5-10 cancer cells.

Although it is still under research, it is possible that this dandelion root extract, with a higher concentration, is the future cure for cancer.

If you want to see more, there is a video from Dr. Siyaram Pandey, which you can take a look at and see more explanation about the benefits from the dandelion root.

Source: livingwellmindness.com

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