Natural Home Remedy for a Stomach Ulcer

The cabbage is really popular during the winter period. It includes antibacterial properties which are protecting us from bowel, prostate and bladder cancer.

It represents an anti-inflammatory agent, it cleans the airway, it is helpful for asthma and it is also beneficial for a sore throat.

As you can notice, it includes a lot of healing properties.

However, you should know that there is one culinary recipe with the cabbage that is really helpful for the stomach ulcer, which is really common nowadays due to our poor diet and a lot of stress.

The juice from the cabbage

You need to take half a pound of cabbage, sprinkle it and mix it with lemon juice. Leave it like that for a period of 20 minutes and then chop it. You need to consume the juice only fresh and in the amount of 3-4 cups daily. It is suggested to consume it 30 minutes before you have your meal.

It is really beneficial for fighting the stomach ulcer because it includes sulforaphane, an ingredient that destroys the H. Pylori and prevents the acid reflux in our gastrointestinal tract.

The juice from cabbage is also rich in glutamine, which is good for the stomach ache. Furthermore, the antioxidants included are beneficial for protection from cancer.

The cabbage is considered among the foods that prevent cancer. With its regular consummation, it is protective against gastritis, breast and lung cancer.

However, you should be aware that the juice from cabbage also includes laxative impact, which means it is good for cleaning of the colon and preventing problems with the digestion.

So, this vegetable is definitely a friend of yours especially during the winter, when we lack physical activities. So, try it and include it in your diet, you will notice its results.

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