Natural Treatment for Endometriosis

The condition of endometriosis represents a benign illness with a rapid progress and it happens when the mucous membrane of the uterus (endometrium) gets dislocated.

The estrogen is contributing to the appearance of endometriosis; however, the experts do not know the exact cause of this illness in women. They have this problem during the menstrual cycles, and then together with the menopause, the symptoms disappear as well.

The pain is the most serious symptom!

The pain from this condition can appear in the lower part of the stomach, rectum or lower back. Some people have a constant pain while some only during or before the menstruation or during the period of ovulation.

Another symptom for the endometriosis can be infertility, i.e. if you have problems of getting pregnant or maintaining the baby.

Natural treatment!

It is important to have a correct diagnosis from your doctor and be careful not to have any side effects.

·         Progesterone-based creams

These creams are only helpful for lowering the symptoms because they are slowing down the growth of the endometrial tissue. However, these creams can have some unwanted effect like for example changes in the mood, abnormal menstrual bleeding or water retention.

·         Nutrition and endometriosis

According to the evidence, Flavones are able to lower the enzyme that is converting the androgens in estrogens, which is beneficial for reducing the endometriosis. The flavonoids are included in the celery and parsley. It is also beneficial to consume food rich in fiber such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and flax seed.

It is suggested to avoid foods that include chemicals such as the animal and milk fat, certain fish and red meat. You should completely avoid processed meat products, while the rest can be consumed in limited amounts due to the iron and protein consummation. The fruit and vegetables are beneficial for lowering the risk of this condition.

It is also advised to consume a lot of omega-3 fatty acids which are included in the salmon, sardine, mackerel and anchovies, and are beneficial for avoiding the consummation of the harmful dioxin. The fish oils are decreasing the growth of the endometriosis tissue.

·         Herbs in the treatment of endometriosis

The lady’s mantle tea is helpful for those that have abnormal menstrual bleeding and for lowering the painful cramps during the cycle. This tea includes benefits for treating diseases connected to angiogenesis, which represents a process that is stimulating and accelerating the development of fibrosis, endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and retinopathy.

·         Endometriosis and the reduction of stress

The chronic stress may provoke increased cortisol levels, which will result with lowering in the progesterone and hormonal imbalance as well. Women that have a serious form of endometriosis have a higher level of cortisol.

That is why it is important to lower the stress, for example by making changes in your lifestyle, work and starting to practice yoga or meditation. Also, you can consume more vitamins C and B, zinc and magnesium.

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