Losing Weight Without Too Much Effort

You should always be careful about the content on your plate. The chemical imbalance of your body weight may cause you to lose weight without much effort. If you want to restore the balance, consume the usual food however in various proportions, which will result in losing weight however without any health issues.

If you are feeling tired and without energy all the time, while your belly is still getting bigger then you should take a look at your plate. One of the reasons for this and for not having a balanced metabolism is too much of stomach acid. Some of the foods you consume like eggs, meat, cheese and sweets include an acidic impact on the organism which will result with being overweighed.

The right nutrition

-Foods that have an alkaline effect should be included ¾ in the servings, and those are fruits (not blueberry and cranberry), vegetables (not soybeans and peas) and dairy products.

-Foods that have an acid effect should be included in ¼ in the serving and those are meat, fish, cheese, fats, pasta, sugar and sweets, cereal, integral bread and walnuts.

One natural drink!

You can prepare a drink by using natural yogurt, fresh cucumber, half a leaf fresh mint and half a clove garlic. Cool it in the fridge and consume it.

It is also beneficial to drink a lot of fluid, 8 glasses minimum. You can consume fruit and vegetable juices, mineral water or herbal teas. You should avoid carbonated water because it includes dioxide which has an acidic effect.

Well balanced meal

You can have a healthy breakfast by consuming yogurt with muesli. You can also mix half a cup with fruit, add a teaspoon of honey and fresh orange juice.

Then, around 11 o’clock eat half a can tuna with 2 tablespoons peas and tomatoes. Drink green tea.

For lunch, you can have 2 pancakes with vegetables (3 tbsp chopped spinach, avocado, broccoli, cucumber and tomato, tofu 15gr) and drink water, green smoothie or lemon juice.

As a snack, consume some chopped vegetables- you can take carrot, pepper, cucumber. You may consume yogurt with herbs, green smoothie.

For dinner eat 100 g of cod with spices (peppers, garlic), cooked vegetables including broccoli and cauliflower, carrots, and beets, and raw vegetables lettuce, cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes. You can drink herbal tea.

Here's how to lose weight without too much effort.

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