This Is What Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health

Have you heard about the saying – The eyes are a window to our soul?  We do not know who said it, however, it is for sure that the eyes can tell a lot about us and our health as well.

So, take a look at these signs:

1.Pernament sty

This is when a lump comes out on the eyelid because of a blocked gland and it can be painful and irritating. It usually passes for several days, however, it can be persistent as well. If it doesn’t go away, that may be a sigh for gland carcinoma. Go to the doctors.

2.Eyebrow loss

Among the reasons for this can be too much stress, aging as well as deficiency of nutrients. However, the other reason can be spot baldness or alopecia areata, or as well as hypothyroidism or lower hormones of the thyroid that can cause loss of hair. Go to a checkup.

3.Blurred vision

This may result from constant working in front of the computer. There is even a medical term – “digital eye strain“ or ”dry eye syndrome” which related to hours spent on the computer or mobile phone. It is solvable so go to a checkup.

4.Blind spots

This may come when experiencing migraine and your picture may also come with sparkling dots or waiving lines. Usually, these spots go along with a headache.

5.Bulging eyes

If this happens we usually rub our eyes or blink a few times and then everything seems normal. However, this may mean thyroid eye disease. Also, if you find it hard to close your eyes, that may be a sign of bulge. If you experience any of these, go to your doctor.

6.Yellow whites

This is called jaundice and may happen to children and adults because of not proper liver functioning. Also, it may be something with the bile ducts or gallbladder. So if your whites became yellow, go to the doctor immediately.

7.Cloudy vision with diabetes

Those that have diabetes have to be really careful especially regarding their vision. So, if their vision gets cloudy that may be because of diabetic retinopathy or a condition when the blood cells get damaged in the photosensitive retina tissue. Go to a specialist right away!

8.Disappearing, cloudy or impaired vision

Any problem with your vision should be alarming. So if you notice that your vision is cloudy, impaired or even disappearing then go to the doctor because these may be signs of a stroke.


This is what your eyes reveal about your health. #healthtips #liverhealth #stroke

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