The #1 Food Against Heart Attack, Stroke And Cholesterol!

Dates are one tasty fruit that includes a lot of benefits for our health. One of the main things, they are helpful for treating stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol and hypertension. They also have a high amount of nutrients that are good for our metabolism.

Read below these 8 reasons why you should include the dates in your diet:

-They include a lot of iron

Dates are rich in iron which represents a mineral that is necessary for treating anemia, especially in pregnant women and children. If you consume 100gr of dates during the day it will give your organism 11% of the required iron intake.

The iron is also important for the red blood cells and for the hemoglobin required for the right supply of oxygen in our body.

-They are preventing diarrhea

This is possible due to the potassium they include. It helps balance the intestinal flora because it is stimulating the good bacteria.

-They are soothing constipation

You should soak several dates in water and then leave them like that during the night. Then, drink this in the morning for boosting the digestion. It also includes a laxative effect.

-They are regulating our body weight

For losing some weight, you should consume dates on an empty stomach. They do not include cholesterol, however, they have a lot of sugar, so be careful not to eat too much.

-They balance the level of cholesterol

They are cleaning the blood vessels thus prevent the formation of clot because they are removing the bad LDL cholesterol from our blood.

– They are good for the heart

You should soak several dates in water and leave them during the night. Then, in the morning, strain them, remove the seeds and consume them.

-They are regulating the blood pressure

The dates are good for people fighting with hypertension because they include potassium but not sodium. They also include magnesium, which is beneficial for regulation of the blood flow, so if you consume 5-6 dates in the day, you consume 80mg of magnesium.

-They are preventing strokes

They can do this because of the potassium they include that is contributing to have a healthy nervous system. You need 400mg of potassium each day.


Dates are the best food for heart attack, stroke and cholesterol. #heartattack #stroke #cholesterol

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