Never Marry A Guy Who Has These 6 Habits

Sometimes you may think that the amazing guys are the right thing for you, but you can be wrong. Sometimes, even if they are movie stars, they can be so irritating and take the joy out of your life.

So, not everything is about the appearance, you have to know the person from the inside before you marry him. Read these 6 habits and be careful when choosing your partner:

1.Narrow – minded

If you notice that your man is not open-minded and does not want to try new things or experiences, even do something new for the weekend, then you should think twice. This man is not willing to do anything to make you feel good.

2.Breaks the rules and conditions from you

Every relationship has its own rules. You are ok with flirting but no cheating, however, he cheats on you. You say no hitting but then he hits you and apologies until you forgive him. You don’t want him to make a scene and then he gets drunk and embarrasses you in front of the family.

This is not a man that respects you, and he will not stop doing the things you hate. It is better to leave.

3.He is lying

Maybe lying will be ok if you like to go to a party together, right? But if he is lying to you all of the time, for where he has been or even for every little thing, then why stay with this guy? Can you be sure for what thing he is not lying?

4.Breaking the promises

Is he begging for forgiveness all of the time and promises that he will not do that thing again? This will happen again, be sure. It is painful when you have some expectations and then you get disappointed. The situation is worse if it is about job and money, promising to do better and then quit the job and gamble again. You get disappointed again. And the situation will not get any better, believe us.

5.He is emotionally abusing you

The emotional abuse is not that easy to discover like the physical. However, its effects are really damaging. He may be rude and insult you, making you cry all of the time. He is manipulating you, punishing you, he doesn’t respect your family…what else do you need? Walk away from this nightmare.

6.Drugs or alcohol

The word addict has a lot of meanings now. Is he drinking constantly, or only for the weekends, is he smoking only cigarettes or moving to something else? He may have an addiction to coffee and sugar… you decide what you can tolerate and live with.


This is why you shouldn't marry a guy who has these 6 habits. #marriage #couple #badhabits

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