Here’s What The Color Of Your Urine Says About Your Health

Our urine is yellow because of the chemical byproduct which means that the kidneys are working properly. If we are dehydrated then our urine is more concentrated and it has a dark yellow color.

So, it is best if the color is pale yellow, meaning that you are properly hydrated.

Maybe you have heard that actually, our pee can come in many colors. However, the reasons for this can be various. Read below to find out more.

Red pee

This usually means that you have eaten beets, rhubarb or blackberries and it the processing from the kidney the color gets excreted in the urine. However, if this is not the case, then you should go to your doctor.

Another reason for this may be a kidney or bladder tumor, or maybe some infection, so pay attention, especially if you are a woman.

Orange pee

This may mean consuming too many carrots or food with beta-carotene. Also, some medications may lead to this case. However, if the color is more like neon or fluorescent, or there is a yellowish tint, it can be something with your liver, so go to a doctor.

Neon yellow pee

If you notice this color then it is usually due to the consummation of vitamins like for example vitamins B.

Green pee

Eating vegetables like asparagus can lead to having this color. However, this can happen because of urinary tract infection, and it can also lead to kidney stones, so be careful and go to your doctor.

Blue pee

Your urine can turn blue from too much calcium, which is called hypercalcemia. However, this care is very rare.

Brown pee

This may result from one very rare genetic condition known as porphyrias which usually comes with pain, seizures and rashes. However, the color may also be a sigh for tumor. Usually, the most common reason is eating brownish food.


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