Cold Water VS Warm Water: Which One is Damaging Your Health

According to many reviews, it is beneficial to start your day with drinking hot water on an empty stomach. Read below some of the medical advantages that you get from it:

-Losing weight

It is essential to be well hydrated when trying to lose weight and the best effect is reached with the hot water. According to a research from the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, the women that were drinking hot water instead of cold experienced lowering in their weight and body mass.

-Better Circulation

It has been proven that the hot water is helpful for improving your circulation. The hot water is enhancing the bloodstream in our body because it warms our organism from the inside.

-Better bowel movements

According to many reviews, the hot water is helpful for better movement of our muscles, where their condition gets significantly improved. If you drink hot water in the morning, you will have better absorption and improved bowel movements.

-It lowers the pain

If you have pain or swelling in your throat the hot water will help you relieve that because it is really helpful for a sore throat. It is also helpful for relieving the cramps in your stomach.

What are the disadvantages of drinking cold water?

All of us enjoy having a cold glass of water in the hot summer days. A lot of people do this; however, there are negative consequences on our body.

-The cold water is contracting our veins, thus lowering the proper hydration.

-It is lowering the process of nourishment because the fats in the circulatory system get affected by the cold water.

-The body is extending vitality and primarily thinking how to warm itself up.

-The cold water prompts blockage and bigger risk for issues such as throat problems.

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