Honey With Turmeric Is The Most Potent Antibiotic

As you may know, this spice has a lot of beneficial characteristics and many people are also using it because of its natural antibiotic properties.

There are many spices, as explained in Ayurveda, the study of natural medicine, which includes many medical benefits, and the turmeric is among them, you can include it as food or use it as medicine as well.

According to the researches, the turmeric has been used since ancient time and some prescription can be found in the Chinese and Ayurveda medicine.

Usually, the turmeric is used for treating bruises, infections, and cuts, however, despite this, it also includes beneficial properties for fighting against liver problems, muscle spasms, problems with the respiratory system and also malignant tumors.

The curcumin is the ingredient included in the turmeric which gives its antioxidant and anti-microbial characteristics.  Many researches confirm that the turmeric is helpful for treating peptic and gastric ulcers, gastritis and inflammation molecules.

If you consume 200mg of turmeric on a regular basis, you can affect the osteoarthritis in a calming way.

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Another beneficial ingredient in the turmeric is the turmerone, which is helpful for increasing the function of the brain cells and in the same time repairing them, making the turmeric beneficial for the fight against brain illnesses such as the Alzheimer’s disease.

Read below one recipe made from honey and turmeric!

Things necessary:

  • 100 grams of raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder


All you have to do is mix the ingredients and put the mixture in a glass jar.


If you have the symptoms for flu or a cold, then follow this:

  • 1st day –half a spoon of the mix each hour
  • 2nd day –half a mix every two hours
  • 3rd day –half a tablespoon of the mix three times in the day

Source: amomama.net

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