Everything About Pros And Cons Of The Ketogenic Diet

Recently, this diet has become really popular because you are losing your weight quickly. For many years it has been used for treating epilepsy in hospitals.

You should have an intake of only 25-35 carbohydrates in one day, which is like eating only one apple. The rest is 5% intake of protein and 70-80% intake of fat.

This diet focuses on using the fats for energy and not the carbohydrates.  However, this diet is still controversial.

Pros of the Ketogenic Diet

1.Some positive medical and mental advantages

This diet is lowering the levels of insulin, which then helps in lowering the inflammation in your organism.  The higher the level of insulin, the bigger the risk for inflammation. According to some studies, this Keto diet is also beneficial for better cognitive functions.

2.Fast weight burning

People who are on this diet notice that its results come quickly. This is happening because of the fat intake, that is making you feel full and as well as because of the low intake of carbs and sugar. These foods are contributing for the water retention and bigger water weight.

3.More fat, but a healthy one

In this diet, you get the fat from healthy foods such as nuts, avocados or fish.

4.Lower intake of sugar and carbs

The lower intake of sugar also means that the risk for some heart issues is lower too.

Cons of the Ketogenic Diet

1.It is really hard to follow

This diet includes many food restriction and many people find this very hard and not want to keep going.  Every meal is planned and restricted, making it difficult to go and eat in some restaurant.

2.Adaptation period

The Keto diets have a period of 1-2 weeks for adaptation. This can be really unpleasant for someone.

3.You may end up eating unhealthy food

We already said that the intake of fat is increased, however many people start eating unhealthy food like saturated fats or synthetic fats. It is important to consume organic and grass-fed animal products.

4.Low intake of fiber

Many of the foods that include the fiber are not allowed in this diet because they also include carbs.

This diet can be healthy, however, if you do everything as it is said according to the instructions. It takes a lot of planning and hard work.

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