These Foods Can Save Your Heart And Prevent A Heart Attack

It is important to have a good and healthy diet in order to prevent future heart diseases. Below you can read some food that you should include in your diet for better heart health.

For preventing heart problems you should not only avoid unhealthy foods, but you should also choose the right food in order to regulate the blood pressure and cholesterol.


The avocado includes polyunsaturated fats, which are healthy fats. You can use it instead of butter and mayonnaise. However, the avocado has calories, so don’t consume too much.


They are one healthy snack. They include antioxidants for lowering the blood pressure and preventing the damage from the free radicals. It is important to consume them fresh because the other forms of them often have sugars and fat.


It is beneficial for balancing the blood pressure and for better functioning of our heart and veins.


It includes fiber and omega-3 so that is why it is recommended to include it in your diet every day. You can add them in your salad or yogurt or soup, or you can include it in smoothies.

5.Green tea

The green tea is beneficial for conditions caused by inflammation. It contains caffeine which gives you energy and it also improves your metabolism.


The fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for our heart. They are preventing the blood clotting, balancing the blood pressure and improving the circulation. It is recommended to consume fish minimum 2 times in one week.


The garlic includes allicin which is helpful for lowering the high cholesterol. However, usually, we do not intake enough garlic so the supplements are a great option.


The walnuts and almonds are lowering the level of cholesterol and regulating the blood sugar. They also make you feel full for a longer period lowering the cravings for food.

9.Red wine

Resveratrol is an antioxidant included in the wine that is beneficial for preventing heart problems. It is preventing the blood clotting and protect the lining of blood vessels.


It includes a lot of fiber which is lowering the level of cholesterol. It is best to consume it fresh so you can add it in your smoothies or salads for best effect.

So, add these products on your grocery list next time you go to the store!


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