Fall Asleep Almost Instantly With This Breathing Trick

People that have troubles with their sleeping usually think that they have tried everything, but without any success. However, we are pretty sure that you haven’t tried the “4-7-8” breathing technique for solving that problem. We cannot guarantee you that it will definitely work, however, the evidence is confirming that.

According to many people by doing this practice before going to bed you will get rid of your worries and be able to have a peaceful sleep.

The breathing and our brain are also connected, because if we are stressed we breathe more quickly while the opposite happens when we are relaxed.

What is actually this 4-7-8″ Breathing Technique?

There are several steps to follow in order to do this. You can memorize the steps before you start in order to be easier for you before you go to bed.

The first thing you need to do is press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, having your mouth closed. Let your tongue stay like this because it is stimulating the vagus nerve and triggering a calming sensation in the brain.

The second thing to do is to breathe out. No matter how long. The idea is to start with clear lungs. Usually, this is familiar for people that do yoga, before they start the breathing exercises.

The third thing is to breathe in through the nose and count to 4. Keep your mouth closed during this time. It is important to breathe in through the nose because the air will get in more slowly allowing the body to extract more oxygen.

Then the fourth thing to do is hold your breath and count to 7. Usually, the adults are capable of holding their breath for 30 sec. so this should be easy. However, if this is hard for you, start with a smaller number and then start increasing.

In this way you are sending a calming message to your mind, allowing the oxygen to enter in your bloodstream. However, do not hold it more that 7 sec. because after that comes the panic and gasping for air.

The fifth thing is breathing out through your mouth while counting to 8. Do not make a pause or stop, blow the air out in one steam, however as slowly as you can. Don’t finish before the 8th beat.

The last thing to do is repeat this practise until you fall asleep. You can lie in your bed and do this as many times necessary over and over again. Focus on the counting and breathing and you will quickly get to sleep.

Sound interesting, right? So, if you are facing with this trouble don’t hesitate to try it.


Try this breathing trick and fall asleep almost instantly.

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