Life Hacks That Anyone With Anxiety Needs To Know

All of us have experienced some anxiety however for someone who is constantly fighting with that, there are some ways for lowering the symptoms.

These tricks are helpful for getting rid of anxiety and start feeling better. People struggling with anxiety know how unpleasant it can be, so that is why it is really helpful if you know some strategies that can help you in those cases and make you feel calm.

However, not every trick is helpful for every person, but you can try some and figure out which one suits you best. So go ahead and read them below.

1.Find A Distraction

When the anxiety starts to strike it is helpful to have some distraction in order to focus your mind on something else. For example, you can sit at your home or in the office and play a game on the computer, start counting backward, unwrapping and chewing a gym, listening to music and things like that.

2.Try A Breathing Exercise

Our breathing can help in the process of calming down. The anxiety is causing our blood to flood with adrenaline which then results with having short breaths. So you should recognize this situation and then try to lower your heart rate by taking deep and slow breaths.

3.Focus On Your Surroundings

In order to lower the anxiety you can focus your senses on the surrounding you are into, like for example you can focus in order to feel the floor under your feet, or if you are sitting, the chair on your back. You can also choose a tree from outside or a color inside and focus to its details. You can also focus on the air and discover the smell of it.

4.Have A Go-To App

It is really hard to focus when you are in a panic, so it may be helpful to have an app that will help you by guiding you to relax like for example Breathe, Simply Being, Headspace, and Calm.

5.Create Structure

The anxiety usually appears when you feel like losing control of something, so that is why you can think of something in order to hold to the control. You can use your calendar, set reminders, make list with titles that will help you focus your mental energy and lower the symptoms of anxiety.

6.Take A Walk

All kinds of exercises are recommended for our mental health because they are increasing the good hormones inside us. By exercising you are boosting the level of serotonin which represents neurochemical that is connected to our mood, so after that, you will feel calmer.


Everyone with anxiety should know these clever life hacks.

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