Say Goodbye To Sinusitis With This Home Remedy

A lot of people are facing with the condition of having sinusitis, or that is when their lining of sinuses gets inflamed. When there is a blockage in the sinuses they get filled with viruses, bacteria, fungi, which may result in having an infection.

There are several things that can have an impact for sinus blockage and those are having cold, nasal polyps (small growths in the lining), serum (shift in the nasal cavity) and also allergies.

There are several kinds of sinusitis too, such as:

  • Acute: its symptoms are a runny and stuffy nose and also facial pain that can last up to 10-14 days. Usually, it lasts 4 weeks or less.
  • Subacute: Sinus inflammation for a period of 4-8 weeks.
  • Chronic: Inflammation symptoms lasting for 8 weeks or even more.
  • Recurrent: A few attacks during one year.

Most often, the treatment for these cases are the antibiotics, however, although they can have an effect, they can also cause some side effects. That is why it is always best to look for some natural options.

That is why we decided to share with you one natural remedy that is really efficient for this purpose and most importantly it doesn’t have any side effects at all.

It consists of apple cider vinegar, which is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and also antioxidants. It is really effective for boosting our immunity and also for improving our health condition in general. So read the instructions below:

Necessary things:

  • ¼ cup organic apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup organic coconut water
  • 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 organic lemon, freshly squeezed
  • 1 tablespoon raw organic honey


First, you need to put the coconut water in a pan and heat it. Then put it in a mug. Include inside the apple cider vinegar and mix well. After that leave it to cool on room temperature and then add the cayenne pepper and honey. Mix well again. In the end, you need to add the lemon as well and mix again.

For best effects, it is better to drink this mixture before you have your breakfast in the morning and also late at night before going to sleep. You should consume it until your infection is gone.


The best home remedy for sinusitis and headaches.

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