Early Signs of Stroke That Everyone Should Know

In the USA the strokes represent the 5th cause of death, causing also a lifetime disability. That is why it is really important to know about the early signs of stroke, in order to lower the consequences as much as you can.

Usually, age is also a factor, and this is a more common situation for people over the age of 55, but there are always exceptions aren’t there…

What is stoke?

A stoke is when the vessel that is bringing oxygen to our brain becomes blocked or burst open. Without the oxygen, the brain cells are killed and they stop controlling one particular part of our body.

A transient ischemic attack is when the blocked vessel is only blocked and this lasts very short. These strokes are warning and usually come before a big one. The symptoms are the same but they only last several minutes.

That is why recognizing the symptoms of stroke is so essential.

There is one acronym that is very helpful if this situation happens. It is called F.A.S.T.

  • F = Face drooping – you will feel one side of your face numb or dropping, your smile will be uneven.
  • A = Arm weakness – feeling weakness of one side of the body and not able to raise both hands in the air.
  • S = Speech difficulty- you will have a slurred speech and find it hard to understand words.
  • T= Time for emergency help. It is time to react fast and call 911 even if the symptoms stop.

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Other early signs of stroke are:

-Feeling weakness in your leg, arm or face but only on one side of the body, if the stoke is on one side of the brain usually the symptoms are on the other side of the body.

-Feeling confused and finding hard to understand things.

-Problems with the vision, maybe a loss of vision for a short time or not being able to see on one side.

-Having trouble to walk, having no balance and feeling dizzy. One moment you are ok and then the other you don’t have your balance, this means something is happening.

-Having sudden severe headache without having any reason, as it came out of nowhere.

So, if you recognize some of these above-mentioned symptoms, don’t wait, call for help immediately because it is really important to react fast in order to prevent further damage.

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Early signs of stroke you must know

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