What This Doctor Finds In A Boy’s Hand Crushed My Heart

Sadly, there are a lot of children all over the world that are abused by their own parents. In the USA 4-5 children die each day due to neglect and abuse. Ivan, the child from this story was a victim of this.

Although the story is thought to be fictional, the message is really clear. So read below…

“My name is Ivan and I have 7 years. I love my parents, but also I’m afraid of them. They hit me very often but I don’t know why.

I go to school and I’m a good student. I like my teacher and the other kids too. But I don’t have any friends. Nobody likes me, nobody wants to play with me. They laugh at me because I’m ugly and I wear the same clothes every day.

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One day, there was a snowstorm outside and I went home alone. It was windy and really cold and then suddenly someone pushed me from behind and started hitting me and kicking me. They said no one likes you and left me there.

I started to cry, not because I was injured and it was cold, but because I had no one, I had no friends. So I went home, and when my mom saw me all wet and dirty, she punished me and send me to my room without dinner.

Then I started to have bad grades and when they told my father he was hitting me every time. One time he hit me really hard and I couldn’t move my index finger anymore. So now my classmates laugh at me because of that.

One day, my chest hurt really badly. My mom and dad did not care, but I love them really much.

The next day we had a task at school to paint our biggest dream. The other kids were painting cars and presents. I pained a family, one mom one dad and one son. And they laughed at me again.

I started to cry and said please don’t laugh at me, you can hit me and hate me but don’t laugh, I only want parents that will hug me and love me as you have. The teacher tied to calm me and some of the kids understood, but some laughed anyway.

Then I got a bad grade again. I knew that mom will be angry. She threw me down on the ground and hit me in my head. Then my father came and hit me in my face. After that, I don’t remember anything.

I woke up in a hospital. I saw parents playing with their kids in the yard and I cried again.

Then, one day I spilled a little from my tea and they hit me again. I felt pain in my chest again, but they did not care as usual. After some time I went to the hospital again. But they did not come after me. I waited for 2 days, but nobody came.

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Ivan’s heart stopped and he dies from the injuries. The doctors found a note in his hand that said: Dear mom and dad, I’m sorry because you cannot love me, I love you very much.

I only wanted a hug from you mom, and from you dad to hold my hand on a walk. I know I’m a shame for you, I’m sorry.

Source: faithpanda.com; commons.wikimedia.org

One of the saddest stories I have ever heard.