Here’s How To Use The Ketogenic Diet To Lose 50 lbs Or More

A lot of people are trying to lose some weight and often have no results. Sometimes they gain their weight back and sometimes they just quit.

Read below how to use the ketogenic diet properly and you will be able to lose weight fast.

The 7-Step Ketogenic Plan To Lose 50 Pounds Or More

Step 1. Skip The Exercise More Mentality

I’m not telling you some kind of magic that you will lose weight without exercising, you have to exercise at some point in time in order to lose the fat. However, first you need to lose weight.

According to one study that included 322 adults from 5 different countries that were all on a program for losing weight the results showed that there was no difference between the group that was exercising and the one that was not. So adding exercises seems to not make any difference at the start.

Step 2. Focus On Food Quality Not Quantity

You should know that it is best to satisfy your appetite, not ignore it. So, instead of focusing on the calories and scale try to focus on the quality of what you enter in your body.

Step 3. Go BIG With Your Weight Loss Efforts

Many people consider that it is not good if you are losing your weight quickly, however, this is not good only if you are not doing it properly.

So, the Ketogenic diet enables you to lose diet really quickly and in a healthy way.

Step 4. Balance Your Macronutrients

It is important to learn how to plan your meals and especially how to make balance if you are trying to lose some weight. Most of the people turn to vegetables and protein and think that is all they need. This is not true.

By doing this you are only slowing down your metabolism and soon you will get bored of that regime.

Carbs and fat are necessary for our organism and for boosting our metabolism.

However, you should know how to include the proper carbs and fats.

Step 5. Limit Your Carbs, Be Picky With Your Protein, and Eat More Fat

People that are overweighted are usually having insulin resistance and you can fight this with carb detox. Usually, those people are deficient of protein as well because they are not consuming enough high-quality protein.

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Many people are confused about what they should eat and what not, so they may consider that the nuts, olive oil and flax oil are the best.

So, if you want to lose some weight you should increase the protein intake, balance the carbs and consume the healthy fats.

Step 6. Heal Your Digestive System, Detox Your Liver, and Boost Your Thyroid

It is also important to have a good digestive system. The hormones inside it are regulating the appetite, the digestion of food, the absorption of nutrients and the disposal of toxins.

Furthermore, the digestive system is connected with the nervous one which is affecting the endocrine system or that is our hormones. So, if you are treating your stomach badly, the hormones are starting to act and the result is gaining weight.

Step 7. Drink This Drink Every Day

You can benefit a lot from drinking lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach. You should use a real lemon ½ for example and squeeze it in a glass. Then add hot water and that’s it. It is one healthy habit that also helps in the process of losing weight.

If you would like to know if this type of diet is healthy or not you may also read the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet.


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