Here’s What Happens When You Eat Garlic And Honey On An Empty Stomach

You can combine these two ingredients in a lot of variations, they are delicious and also very healthy. Read more about the benefits from the mixture of garlic and honey.

The garlic is known to be good for healing and for our health in general. Its benefits include:

  • Fighting against atherosclerosis
  • Preventing heart attacks
  • Fighting against coronary heart disease
  • Lowering the cholesterol
  • Regulating the blood pressure
  • Lowering the cold symptoms and fever
  • Helpful for treating fungal infections
  • Helpful against diarrheas
  • Removing the toxins
  • Improving the immunity

According to the researches, it can be also helpful for regulating the symptoms of enlarged prostate, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.

Below we will give you one healthy recipe that includes honey and garlic. Take a look at it:

Necessary things:

  • 2-3 raw garlic cloves chopped finely
  • 1 tablespoon raw, organic honey
  • a small jar with a lid


First, you need to separate all the cloves and remove only the outer layer of them. Take one jar and fill it with the unpeeled garlic and then slowly include the honey inside. You can use a spoon if there are any air bubbles inside in order to remove them.

It is important all of the clovers to be covered in honey before you close the jar. Then let this mixture like that for several days, keeping it in the fridge or at room temperature. Then you can consume it!

I have to be honest, I love the taste of this, and the garlic itself is so healthy. It includes a lot of nutrients, Vitamin C and B6, manganese, fiber, and selenium. It is boosting our immune system and it is fighting against infections.

Its usage is known since ancient times. The Greek soldiers were using it for protection of poisons, the Romans for gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular status. China and Japan for digestion and respiration problems and its usage continues to be seen in ancient India, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and Early America.


Garlic and honey on empty stomach.

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