Irregular Heartbeat? Sometimes It Can Be Dangerous

The heart tones are actually the sound phenomena that represent the heartbeat. This is repeated all of the time so they have their rhythm which is usually at the frequency of 15 -400 Hz which we cannot hear normally.

We can hear the heartbeat by using a stethoscope or by putting a specific microphone on our chest. They can be normal tones but sometimes there can be other noises that indicate variation which can be a sign for disease. These other noises are called irregular heartbeat.

To avoid the risk of a heart attack or prevent some heart disease you should be informed about this condition and take on-time precautions.

The Normal Heart Tones Rate And It’s Meaning

Usually, this means having a major 4 tones. In order for them to form the blood changes its direction and speed sharply which also results with the vibration of the muscles of the heart and opening and closing of the heart valves.

These are actually the sounds that the medical stethoscope can catch. You can hear them from 4-5 spots on your chest because there are corresponding to the 4 main valves of our heart.

Having a proper heart rate insists on deep and consistent analysis of the valves and zones. There is also the heartbeat which you can feel on some point of your chest, which can say a lot about a cut of the chambers.

Systolic The First Heart Tone & Diastolic – The Second Heart Tone

When the valves are closing between the atria and the chambers the first tone is formed. However, its sound can be different if you hear it from different valve. This is the stronger tone because it is consisted from the swelling of the canvases and the blood flow in the blood vessels.

Then, due to the closing of the valves that are emitting the blood to the lungs and the whole organism the second tone comes. The formation of this is really complex because the blood pressure is dropping and there is a little difference in the closing of the two valves, but this is normal.

The third tone is usually heard in children and in very few healthy hearts. Usually it means some kind of disease or a heart issue. The fourth tone cannot be heard in the normal hearing of our heart.

So these are the most common tones that are heard, however that are many others that form when there is a change in the valvular and muscular apparatus of the heart.

What is the Significance of Cardiac Noises in the Cardiac Review?

These sounds are usually on a higher frequency than the main tones so they are different in duration, character, and strength.

They may be permanent or they may disappear over time and they can be heard on all of the valves or only on one specific. This may be an indication for some kind of a disease so they are really important.

However, there are also cases with people having heartburn all of their life and still not have a heart problem. Having the technology of today, it is important to respond timely when you find out about them because on that way they can be followed and analyzed and treated accordingly if necessary.

Anyway, if you suspect that you have an irregular heartbeat than you should consult your doctor to avoid any risks.

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