Lemon Water For Weight Loss And Good Health

Lemon water is the first detox water that was invented and its popularity is getting bigger every day on the internet. This water has one specific taste, it is good for losing weight and more importantly, it includes a lot of health benefits.

A lot of people discovered that by drinking water you can lose weight, so they turned into a habit of drinking one glass of warm lemon water every morning.  The thing is that the water is actually boosting metabolism and also detox your body.

So, you can start drinking one glass of lemon juice on an empty stomach each morning if you want to lose some weight.

Lemon water for weight loss – recipes

The simplest way for preparing the Lemon water is using the juice from one lemon for one or two glasses of water. However, some people like to try something different and so here are some interesting flavors:

Cucumber Lemon Water

This taste, with cucumber included, is really good. Furthermore, the health benefits are even bigger. The cucumbers include potassium which is helpful for lowering the blood pressure.  They are also useful for fighting against bloating.

Ginger Lemon Water

This is one unique taste because of the specific ingredient, and that is the ginger. It is a powerful drink for detoxification because ginger is also boosting our metabolism.

Cucumber Mint Lemon Water

This drink is excellent for the hot summer days. The mint is also good for fighting against bloating, and both ingredients are good for cooling down, especially after a good weight loss workout.

You have to try it, it so tasty, you will see.

Cayenne Lemon Water

This recipe has been known since a long time ago and it has been used for lowering the weight and also as a natural cure.

The cayenne pepper is also increasing our metabolism; however, it is also helpful for having better digestion and circulatory system and regulation of the blood sugar.

For preparing this recipe you only need to include a pinch of the cayenne pepper to 8 ounces of warm water and then include the juice of a half lemon.

All these lemon water for weight loss recipes are easy to prepare and cost almost nothing. You should prepare one for yourself and see the effect in just a couple of days.

If you want to try some really good diet plan you may try this cucumber diet plan and lose weight fast without starving.

Source: loseweightbyeating.com; www.elsajonesnutrition.ie

Lemon water for weight loss

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