Natural Pain Relief – The Plant That May Change Your Life

If you are looking for some beneficial herbs and plants than you should definitely read about this natural pain relief plant that is similar to morphine.

Most of us may already have this plant in their backyard, this plant’s name is wild lettuce.

There are a lot of medications for pain however many of them may cause you some side effects. One of them is being addicted to pain killers. However, sometimes the pain is really strong and you need help to handle it.


Characteristics of this plant

The scientific name for this wild lettuce is LactucaVirosa and it usually grows in North America and England. This plant is leafy and tall and it has yellow buds. It is also known under the name of opium lettuce.

It is called like this because it includes pain-relieving characteristics and sedative elements. It is producing a white substance on the leaves and stems which is called lactucarium. It is helpful for relieving the pain because it works on the central nervous system.

It was used even in the 70s as a replacement for opium. This plant is not addictive at all and it won’t cause you any trouble to your stomach. It is the best solution for natural pain relief.

This plant is acting as a natural pain reliever in the case of arthritis and it is also a good option when you don’t have access to your medications.

It is also efficient against back pain which can be very often as you grow old.


Natural pain relief when SHTF

In this situation, you cannot go to your doctor so it is best to try some natural remedy like this one. It is only important to know how to recognize the wild lettuces and then it will be helpful to you in any surviving situation.

Now, it is available in many places, so do not hesitate to use it if you have the need.


Natural pain relief you may try

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