This Couple Got Shocked After Hiring Surrogate Mother

One couple hired a surrogate mother in order to have a baby however when their child was born they found themselves in a little tricky situation.

The woman was having some troubles and had 3 miscarriages, after which she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome so she wasn’t sure that she could even have a child at all.

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So, at the age of 40, she and her husband decided to try again for the last time and hired a surrogate mother and paid a lot for this to happen.

However, after their child was born they noticed that something was wrong with the boy and the woman’s husband did not want the baby anymore. Now, this man shared his story on Reddit and asked if he was wrong for thinking like that.

The thing was actually, that they were super excited about the baby and were waiting for it to be born but there has been a big mix-up with the surrogacy company and the sperm bank so instead of his they used the sperm from another man, so actually he wasn’t the father to that boy.

So, in his story, he tells that due to the condition of his wife, she was not able to give birth to a child and they decided to try with a surrogate because they have always wanted to have a child. They paid a lot of money and found a nice lady to do that so they were really excited until the baby was born.

Once he saw the baby for the first time he knew that something was wrong because the baby had Asian features and he had black hair and brown eyes, while they were both white and blond with blue eyes.

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So they wanted to be sure and the doctors made DNA test so it turned out like that, he was not the father. They were devastated so they contacted the company and the sperm bank, which then replied that there has been a mistake and they offered to compensate financially.

The father says they are not worried about the race, but it is just not their baby made from both of them. So, is it right for wanting to sue the company and not keep the baby?

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