Boy’s Heartbreaking Note To His Mum After She Was Murdered

This is a story about the eight years old boy Reece Dunne, who wrote a heartbreaking letter for his mother Ellia, that was missing, and it believed to have been murdered after the police discovered body parts in Cheshire.

Ellia Arathoon was 29 years old and was reported missing since October 28, now after they found some body parts, one man was charged for murder.

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So after talking with this dad, John Dunne, 29 years old, Reece wrote this letter for the memories he shared of this mother.

The notes were called “To mummy, I love you a million times around the world.”

“I wish you didn’t die. I remember playing with you and that made me happy.”

“I know you are an angel now and you can see me all the time.”

“I feel sad but I’m going to be brave, love Reece.”

John, his father says that his ex-partner was one of a kind. He is now doing his best to protect his son from finding out all of the details about the murder.

He remembers Ellia and the special bond she had with their son, he remembers her saying ‘it’s me and you against the world’.

He had to tell him now that his mother s an angel in heaven and that she will always be looking after him from there.

Her tragic dead was soon spread over all social media and a lot of people send flowers to the place where she was discovered dead.

Her family is also arranging a balloon launch near where the body was found in order to show respect. So, John says that in this way Reece will see that a lot of people loved his mom and it will look like lighting up the sky for her.

The person that was charged for her murder is Craig Andrew Proctor, 39, of Ellesmere Port and he is set to stand trial.

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Detective Stephen Jones, from the Cheshire Police Major Investigation team thanks to all of the public for their information and support, according to the information they have, the victim is Ellia so the process will continue and will take some time.


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